Launch your fashion brand in the Netherlands

Launch your fashion brand in the Netherlands

Dutch men and women are getting into fashion more and more each day. This means it’s a good idea to launch your fashion brand in the Netherlands. The Dutch market probably is a bit different than the market you’re in now. That’s why we at Bloggers and Brands (the marketing and PR agency in The […]

How to launch a new brand in the Netherlands

how to launch a new brand

We love launching new brands at Bloggers and Brands. You get a fresh start and all the opportunities to set it up right. To help you launch your brand in the Netherlands and Belgium, we’re sharing our tips on how to launch a new brand. We will be focusing on marketing and PR to get […]

How does PR work?

how does pr work

We love PR at Bloggers and Brands, but how does PR work? We are going to explain it in this article, because a good PR strategy is important for every brand. As a Dutch PR agency, Bloggers and Brands works with high-end beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands. We create custom PR strategies for every brand […]

Storytelling on social media

storytelling on social media

We love storytelling on social media at Bloggers and Brands. Social media is one of the best tools to spread the story about your brand. It’s important for high-end brands to tell their stories on social media, because it helps them to stay ahead of the competition. It also attracts customers that truly believe in […]