“The pr agency for high-end 

beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands.”

The PR agency

As a Dutch PR agency Bloggers and Brands works with high-end beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands. We are perfect for growing and established brands who love good service and qualified professionals. We work on the following goals for our clients:

  • Brand awareness
  • Branding
  • Collaborations
  • Cross media reach
  • Events
  • Online and offline publications
  • Social proof

The results

Our PR service is designed to help you reach the following results:

  1. A custom PR strategy.
  2. One press release per month and five media gift boxes, or more if needed.
  3. Free publicity, also known as publications in magazines or online outlets like blogs without the advertising costs.
  4. Visibility: We create brand awareness for your brand, so your target group can get to know you and find out where to buy your products. This will help your sales team sell more products.
  5. Cross media reach, we help you place links on valuable blogs and websites to generate traffic to your website and/or webshop.
  6. We constantly work on creating more brand awareness, cross media reach and good branding.


A custom strategy

We create custom strategies and schedules for all the brands we work with. After creating a master plan for your brand, we start working on the results. We make sure you know exactly where we’re at in the process through our workflow:

  1. Our team analyses your brand’s needs.
  2. We share our advice and create a custom strategy and schedule.
  3. After your approval, we start creating press releases.
  4. You give us feedback on the press releases and we adjust them accordingly.
  5. After sending out the press releases, we follow up on them by contacting our press relations.
  6. We send out emails, media gift boxes, invites to our showroom or we jump on a phone call.
  7. Our team answers all questions asked by press relations about your brand, we keep everyone updated. Our PR managers set up barter deals and collaborations for publications.
  8. You receive a monthly report with all statistics, publications and mentions about your brand.

Options for your brand

We have great PR options for startups, growing and established brands:

  • Startup pr-service, perfect for startups.
  • Small brand pr-service, for small and growing brands.
  • Medium brand pr-service, perfect for growing and established brands.
  • Big brand pr-service, for big and international brands.
  • Press release push, one time press release with follow up’s.
  • Pr-strategie op maat, a PR strategy for a year which you can implement yourself.
  • PR season boost, perfect for brands who haven’t done any pr yet and want to kickstart their PR strategy fast.
  • Pressevent, the best way to present your new products to the press in a fun and interactive way.

“meet some of the brands who love our services.”

Full service

Too busy to take on Public Relations yourself? Our PR team provides you with a full-service solution. We create and execute a custom public relations strategy for you. This gives you enough time for other important tasks, while we take care of the publications about your brand.

We work with your marketing team for the best realistic results. Our PR managers are flexible and make sure you don’t have to worry about the little details on a daily basis. We create a custom strategy that fits your brand and implement it whenever you’re ready. We provide you with weekly updates and you receive a ROI report every month.

do it yourself

Our DIY-service is perfect for startups and smaller brands. We don’t take over all the daily PR tasks, but we do provide you with a strategy you can implement yourself. We start off with a brainstorm session to figure out the goals and wishes for your brand.

Our PR team checks your current plan to improve it. After the brainstorm session we go to work and create a custom PR strategy. You receive the strategy within five workdays so you can implement it immediately. If you need more support, you can use our full-service solutions.

What does your brand need?

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