“The marketing agency for high-end 

beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands.”

The marketing agency

Marketing is everything you do to sell your products. You sell your products, Bloggers and Brands helps you find the marketing tools to do so. As a marketing agency we work with high-end beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands.

We help brands like yours with:

  • Branding strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Practical marketing advice
  • Storytelling

Our team does everything to help you sell more products, by finding the right marketing tools and strategies for your marketing team. Which will help your sales team sell more products or services.

The results

With our marketing services you will get the following results:

  1. A custom marketing and/or branding strategy.
  2. A brainstorm session at our office.
  3. SWOT analysis for your company.
  4. Practical strategies you can implement immediately.
  5. Advice about a selection of marketing tools that will help you reach more clients.
  6. More profit through using the marketing strategy we’ve setup for you.

A custom strategy

We create a custom strategy for all the brands we work with. We work together with your marketing team to make sure it fits your goals. Our plans are easy to follow and this is how we make one for your brand.

  1. You visit our office for a two-hour brainstorm session.
  2. Our team analyses the goals and needs of your brand.
  3. During the brainstorm session we share practical tips and tricks to give you a head start.
  4. After the session our team goes to work and creates a custom marketing strategy.
  5. You’ll receive your custom branding and/or marketing strategy in your inbox within five workdays.
  6. We help you understand the strategy, so you can implement it immediately.
  7. If needed, we help you with execute the strategy with the marketing tools you need.

Options for your brand

  • Brainstorm session, for brands who need practical tips and advice about marketing and branding fast.
  • Marketing strategy, a custom marketing strategy filled with practical tips and tools you can quickly implement yourself.
  • Branding strategy, a custom branding strategy to create an unforgettable brand.

“Brands that used our services too.”

Full service

Too busy to take on marketing yourself?  Our marketing team provides you with a full-service solution. We execute the strategies for marketing tools like influencer marketing, social media content and public relations for you. This gives you enough time for other important tasks, while we take care of the marketing for your brand.

We work with your team for the best realistic results. Our marketing experts are flexible and make sure you don’t have to worry about the little details on a daily basis. We create a custom strategy that fits your brand and implement it whenever you’re ready. We provide you with weekly updates and you receive a ROI report every month.

do it yourself

Our DIY-service is perfect for startups and smaller brands. We don’t take over all the daily marketing tasks, but we do provide you with a strategy you can implement yourself. We start off with a brainstorm session to figure out the goals and wishes for your brand. Our marketing teams checks your current plan to improve it.

After the brainstorm session we go to work and create a custom marketing or branding strategy. You receive the strategy within five workdays so you can implement it immediately. If you need more support, you can use our full-service solutions.

What does your brand need?

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