“We make high-end beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands visible, so they can sell more to their ideal customers.”


Bloggers and Brands is thé marketing and PR agency in The Hague, the Netherlands. We make high-end beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands visible since April 2th, 2015.


This helps our clients sell more products and services to their ideal customers. Which helps them create a stronger business for years to come.


Our services are perfect for growing and established brands, who are too busy to implement marketing and PR tools themselves. Your brand is also very welcome at Bloggers and Brands.

Our clients and reviews

Thank you so much for the very interesting session with a lot of practical tips!
– Anoek Eckhardt
Linkedin, head of corporate communications
Perfect, I'm very happy with the publications.
– Safina Saddal
Owner Noeran Cosmetics
The green dress is now sold out too!
– E. Brandenburg
Owner LBD webshop
Thanks for the copy of Gooisch magazine. The magazine has found a prominent spot in the store window!
– Gerard Onley
Winkel eigenaar Onley Desirables
I think it was a very good collaboration. We will definitely contact you again for more influencer advertorials in the future.
– D. Bouwmeester
Directlampen.nl, marketeer

Marketing agency

Marketing is everything you do to sell your products. You sell your products, Bloggers and Brands helps you find the marketing tools to do so. As a marketing agency we work with high-end beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands. We help brands like yours with:

  • Branding strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Practical marketing advice
  • Storytelling

Our team does everything to help you sell more products, by finding the right marketing tools and strategies for your marketing team. Which will help your sales team sell more products or services.

PR agency

As a Dutch PR agency Bloggers and Brands works with high-end beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands. We are perfect for growing and established brands who love good service and qualified professionals. We work on the following goals for our clients:

  • Brand awareness
  • Branding
  • Collaborations
  • Cross media reach
  • Events
  • Online and offline publications
  • Social proof

What does your brand need?

“Practice what you preach! That’s why you can recognize our agency from these publications.”

“Discover our expertise. Read our articles for the best business tips.”

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